Nyogth-Vhluuhga Part 2: The Horrors In Skullslope

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Nyogth-Vhluuhga Part 2: The Horrors In Skullslope

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Nyogth-Vhluuhga Part 2:
The Horrors In Skullslope


I may have died peacefully in that cave had I not been saved by some unknown wanderer of this frozen waste, although I use the word “saved” very loosely here.
For upon awaking I was in a place so unimaginably horrible that I was almost sure I was ether dreaming or in hell. The room was full of rotting body parts of Goblins, Orcs and other humanoid races. They laid in various stages of decomposition piled on the floor and on three of four large tables in the room lit by dim torches hardly staying aflame. The other table had a single whole body on it that looked fresher than the rest of the body parts, laying mangled and discarded in piles across the floor.
Only moments after I had awoken I heard the door open and quickly laid as if i were dead again. For ten minutes or longer, I heard what ever horrid creature had entered the room hacking and tearing at the corpse. As the horrible wet hacking sounds continued I could not muster the courage to open my eyes to peek at the monster that sat before me. After it had left I waited a few moments to prepare myself before opening my eyes.
The body that was on the table was gone only scraps of flesh and blood in pools on the table dripping down and flowing into a small drain on the ground. I quickly searched the area for a weapon but found nothing useful. I realized now I was the only whole corpse in the room and started to panic. I hid under a table in the dark corner of the room and hoping to ambush whatever horror would come for me. I hid in that horrid room full of death and the stink of rotting flesh until I could take it no more. I know not how long I hid, It felt like nearly an hour but may have been much less as time moves slow in the face of such horrors.
I slowly walked to the massive wooden door well over 10 feet tall and maybe 4 or 5 wide. I found that it opened inward and did not latch or lock. I opened the door a crack and peaked out, the torch lit hallway had no aparnt guards. I decided to move into the hallway and was about to peak into the nearest door when the door opposite me swung open and a large zombie slowly lumbered towards me. I ducked down in the shadowy corner of the hallway where any normal foe would have seen me easily, but it appeared the zombie had not.
Waiting for the horrible beast to reach me was a wicked test. As it slowly walked towards me I could make out more and more features of the rotting corpse each time it past in to bright torchlight. The right side of it's face simply a hulking chasm of missing flesh and bone, its lower jaw hung down broken and flopping connected only on the left. Its neck lay ripped open skin pulled far back and hanging revealing much of its collar bone. It stood only 4 feet away when I rushed it, I smashed my shoulder hard into its chest knocking it to the ground. Quickly I began kicking it in the face and head until its eyes hung out their sockets one completely missing crushed into the gore of blood and chunks of brain that leaked out from it's largely disfigured skull.
After the battle I paused to listen for reinforcements but could hear nothing, Quickly I went back to scouting the doorways, still unarmed fear kept my hearing sharp and my movement silent. The first lead to a room full of seemingly older corpses by the smell, the second was full of large wood tables like the ones in the corpse room, stacked two and three high across most of the room, the final doorway opposite the room I woke in lead to a large room with dirty blood-stained purple rugs along the pathway leading to this door and up and down the room.
The gray stone pillars had strange runes crudely craved in them that had been painted in white, perhaps by smudging ash or ground bone into them.
I slowly walked in to the large room to get a better look around. At the closer end of the oblong room an alter sat with polished bones and skulls on and around it, polished so well that they shined almost like silver in the torchlight. The other end of the room had large double doors that almost reached the nearly 20 foot ceilings of this large room. I quickly walked to the doors seeing no guards in this room as well. Before I could peak into the next room heard doors slam open inside it. I hid in the shadows of a large gap in torches between the door I entered and the alter.
I saw a tall somewhat slender Hill Giant enter the room wearing long black robes and holding a terrifyingly large jagged cleaver. I was paralyzed with fear as the giant walked quickly towards  me but turned entering the room I had just exited. The room with the corpse of the zombie I just killed that he would surely see.
I ran to the large double doors the giant had entered from with a horrible fear now growing inside me. This sickening room worse than ether of the rooms full of bodies before were. I nearly vomited as the air from this room assaulted my nose. The stink was of rotting fish and squid and salt burned my eyes. The room was a square with a large round pool in the middle, huge black stone tentacles towered out of the water. The water of the pool was disgustingly dark with dead fish, squid and rotting body parts floating in it. Four doors lead out of this room one on each side.
I quickly ran into the left room opening the door and quickly moving inside the dark room. This room was unlit by torch as the rest of the castle had been and was full of large crates. I hid there a waiting to hear anything until I fell asleep again still being very tried and weakened from days of being lost in the mountains without food. How long I slept I do not know, when I awoke I begin searching in the dark for anything useful. One of the crates was full of weapons, but they where made for much larger hands. The only weapon I found useful were some very large arrows I could throw or use as a short spear.
I took three of them holding one in my main hand and two in my offhand. I would taken more but they where quite thick and I could not close my fist well around 3 to use as an offhand weapon if needed.
I opened the door a crack, peaking out in to that awful room. It was empty as far as I could tell from my view, I then quickly started walking to the doorway across when something attacked me from behind. I fell to the ground face first, the zombies atop me jagged broken teeth digging into my shoulder cracking against my collar bone. I pushed back on its head with my left hand one of my fingers gouging deep in to its eye socket. As the beasts teeth released from my shoulder I turned and punched it hard it the head toppling it over. As the zombie began to stand I quickly picked up one of the arrows I had dropped during the original fall. I jabbed the arrow in to its face, penetrating deep but cracking the arrow shaft. The beast rolled on the floor spasming for a moment before I jabbed of a second thick arrow in to its head leaving it laying lifeless on the dirty stone floor. I quickly surveyed the room again, alarmingly the waters of the pool began churn slightly. Keeping my distance from the jaded waters I continued towards the door.
As I had nearly reached the doors I heard a wet slosh followed by an awful high pitched wail, so completely foreign I have no close comparison to make. Turning back I saw a horrible aberration, its strangely textured pink and purple skin hung like lose robes from it's pear shaped body. Many small tendrils protruded from the base of it's dripping body, squirming across the floor like the legs of a Millipede. From its shoulders on each side hung two long thick tendrils that flickered forward wielding bony blades. It's mouth seemingly placed facing upward atop its body, had several rows of short but jagged teeth. On each side of its horrible maw small hooked appendages wiggled out into the air then quickly moved back towards its maw, greeted but its thin tongue.
It was moving towards me quickly, although slower than I could run. Turning again I burst into the door revealing a long hallway with several doors on the right side, Ignoring them I ran directly to the door opposite the one I had entered. I could hear the beast entering the long hallway, sloshing my way it wailed again. This room was pitch black I could hear the sound of insects or small creatures scurrying on the ground and the popping from the bodies of ones underfoot. I reached the wall opposite me and deep horror fogged my mind finding no doorway to continue. I followed the wall finding again no doorway after reaching the corner of the direction I had entered. I began to run across the center of the room and soon my foot found no ground to stand on and I began to free fall downward.


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