Yark Harhark - The Bastard Kobol

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Yark Harhark - The Bastard Kobol

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“Yark Harhark -
The Bastard Kobold”


Chapter 1: Ill Laid Plans

It was mid year 136aw when I drunkenly set sail out of New Old Port aboard a shanty of a ship in search of a well know kobold pirate called Yark Harhark. Named after the loud cackles he makes during battle.  Although almost all kobolds cannot resist cackling and barking when nervous or excited. Yark Harhark had a bark as bad as his bite and a bite that should be feared, although we had more rage than fear for him and his bite on this night.
Yark had recently killed a well known cargo ship captain, Sibian Derth who was known for often not charging people low on funds, who needed to travel where he was already going. He was also well known as an importer of the finest wine and herbs. Dof Sa-Ith, owner of the Sea Hag's Inn where we drank this night, being a good friend and customer of Derth had offered half price drinks for life to any who took part In slaying the bastard kobold.
I do not often drink too much, but this was the first time I had seen Malcom Pascal since we had been together on a failed expedition to K'har where only Malcom and I survived. Thanks to Malcom's knowledge of K'har we escaped the Blood Mountains and made it to Thicketwood where we were ambushed by bandits and I become lost, reaching Portfar after he had gone.
When I met with him on this day, I found he had left to search for me. Hearing that I had returned to Portfar and sailed out, on the day he had left to look for me.
After Malcom and I had already had many drinks Dof Sa-Ith joined us later and we drank many more bottles of fine wines, Dof covered the cost and would not let Malcom and I refuse. I barely remembered boarding a ship and being very tired after.
My guess is I had gone to sleep shortly after setting sail, awaking laying below deck on a make shift bed of hey. As I made my way to the deck I could not think who I had left with hoping it had been Malcom or Dof. The first two men I saw I did not know, nodding to them as I passed making my way to the bow.
I then saw Malcom Pascal at the helm, obviously very drunk he had six scimitars tucked into a makeshift sash of red cloth wrapped around his waist. He saw me and shouted “Ahoy mate! Ye be awoken now, come drink fine wine and make marry as pirates with us” Malcom could speak in near-prefect proper common when with others who spoke that way, but normally spoke in the pigeon of common, dwarven, orcish and giant, often called Ezi, when with others who would understand it. Although in his current drunken state he played the role of a mad pirate captain well and I could not help but chuckle looking in at the party that had not stopped while sobered in my sleep. Malcom then yelled out “Men, come give a hand to our glorious patron Mr. Irwin Mason.” The men began to shout and clap load, as I inquired to Malcom softly “Patron?” He replied loud as before “Yes, Irwin my friend, dose ye not remember? Ye hast bought this fine vessel! Come eat from the barrel of blue mushrooms, my good friend, and celebrate as we are free of the bonds of land” He faded in and out of his pirate voice not keeping the act as well as when I had first encountered him, although the six scimitars awkwardly around his waist now explained by the mention blue mushrooms. I thought to inquire how much I had paid for the ship, but caring little as the gold it had came from a slain bandit's failed ambush on me. Instead asking of the mushrooms and cloth to make a sash, as seemed to be the current uniform of this haphazard ritual.
With a mouth full of mushrooms I took a long chug from my bottle of wine before I yelled loudly. ”Death to Yark Harhark who killed Sibian Derth, the best damn cargo ship caption of the South Sea!” The men all very intoxicated on both wine and mushrooms cheered along as I held my wine bottle high. Soon waves of color began to flow over my vision as the sea swirled alive and the winds sang a mystic song in my mushroom keened years. We held high spirits that night in honor of our fallen comrade.
By midnight Malcom and most the crew had fallen asleep, unable to wake him I pulled away the many sharp swords wrapped around his waist, surely he would have a laugh of his later. Realizing later we had no captain at the helm, I took it, and hold us straight until morning.
As the crew began to wake we realized we had set sail with no maps or navigator and if we had known the location of Yark Harhark no one could now remember. We sat in a circle in awe of the shear madness of our departure and we began to recall the humorous actions of our peers, calling them aloud when able to hold back the the tear inducing laughter.
Land was still in sight and we sat in the north end of the large inlet south of New Old Port. Although we had started with ill laid plans we were Men of Ezun and when we vow revenge, even drunkenly, it is not something we took lightly.
We decided to sail for Rhaz-Tosh on the far south of Ezun, known as Orc Port by many it is not known as a place friendly to men. Dof Sa-Ith was well known their though, a mention of his name may warm the locals and it would be the best place to start our search for the bastard kobold.
On the long ship ride Malcom and I talked of plans to keep and repair the ship after finding Yark, being able to sail our selves on adventures would allow us to travel far beyond the lands commonly ventured to and return on our own time. Realizing I had yet to name the ship we tossed around many names such as “Wayward Wino” and “The Scum Catcher” before coming to “Husheal” the native name for blue mushrooms in land where they grow best in honor of Sibian Derth as that's what he called them. He never let a storm pass without eating them and praying to Sazha a God of Storms worshiped by the people of the lands where he often traveled to gather them.
Two days latter Husheal docked in Rhaz-Tosh greeted by 2 score armed orcs and goblins, at witch point I was promoted to chief diplomatic offer. I thanked Malcom for the honor as I walked to the bow to talk to them. “Hail friends, we mean you no harm. We are men of New Old Port and friends of Dof Sa-Ith and do not care for them men of Ebril who have wronged you.” Bows then lowed as a large orc moved forward to reply “If you are friends of Dof Sa-Ith and not of Ebril than you may dock here and drink in our taverns and trade with our merchants”.
Malcom, two crew members Jarn Benton and Kert Fairplain and I walked onto the dock, bringing offerings of wine for the chief. We asked if we may speak with him in private, he agreed. We then followed him to a small building near the docks he said was a guard post.
Our conversion was long and slow, spoken in a broken mix of common and orc. We told him of our quest for revenge and the blessing of Dof Sa-Ith on this task, asking if he knew of Yark Harhark. He told us the location of his hideout, drawing a crude map and telling us of a bay near the cave where we could anchor our ship safely. He also gave us a small map drawn years ago by a scout that had entered the sea caves.
The people of Rhaz-Tosh, as all the small ports around Ezun, hated Yark. He was well known for his foul deeds, even hated by other pirates as he often broke even their few codes., Yark Harhark would often execute the crew of ships even when they surrendered and gave up their cargo, most pirates had a code of how to treat prisoners that surrendered non-violently. Giving them decent food and ale before returning them to shore near a port. This made many crews simply give up their captains cargo knowing they would be unharmed. Yark was also known to attack other ships with cannons at random, simply to sink them and had attacked several other pirate ships unprovoked leaving him marked as a traitor.
We returned to the ship, telling the crew of our successful talk with Biph, the chief of Rhaz-Tosh. After being aboard the ship so long all the men wanted fresh cooked meals and ale from the keg. Malcom and I stayed to guard the ship as our crew went to the tavern.
Jarn Benton and Kert Fairplain returned in a panic saying we must leave now the other two crew men lay dead outside the tavern. They had got in a bar fight with a group of Orcs, weapons where drawn and three orcs and two men lay dead. A flaming arrow shot at the ship exclamated the urgency of our departure.
I took my post as chief diplomatic offer and began returning fire with a crossbow. Anchor pull and sails dropped we started slowly gaining speed. I heard Biph yell out “Stop firing, they are welcome friends!” No more flaming arrows shoot out but we still sailed out, not wanting any more trouble and able to spare no crew members. We sailed westward that night, just after dawn seeing the cliffs that marked the area of coast line where Yark Harhark's hideout lay.
We dropped anchor in the small calm bay Biph told us of, Kert and I took a small boat to shore at dusk. Both of us in black leathers wielding short swords and light crossbows. We moved fast and silent, our plan was to find an kill Yark silently hoping to not alert the other kobolds. Malcom wanted to join me but I told him I needed someone I trust to watch the ship and had Jarn stay with him to defend the ship if the kobolds had look outs.
The hike was only a mile or so down the coast to the top entrance to the sea caves where the pirates had their hidden dock. We found the caves fairly quickly, hiding in the bushes watching the the entrance until midnight before moving in to scout as it seemed  unguarded at the top.
I lead the way moving ahead and coming back for Kert, who although stealthy he was far less experienced than me. We found one guard posted where the cavern leading down met the sea cave. I quickly pulled him in to the darkness of the cavern before cutting his throat, seeing no place to hide it easily we left his body laying where he died.
I sat crouched in the dark watching the sea cave for movement. I saw a guard posted near the dock where their ship sat, although he would not likely see us if we moved to the warehouse. After sitting longer watching I noticed no other guards and motioned to Kert to follow.
I moved slow along the half rotten wood walkways, carefully testing each plank pointing out the bad ones to Kert. Only kobolds had walked here for sometime, and weighing less than half of Kert or I planks the held them may not hold us. Nearly reaching the large cave floor area were the building stood, I broke a plank testing it and it splashed into the water below. Kert and I ducked low against the railing waiting to see if anyone had heard the splash. Thankfully the loudness of the waves and other splashing sounds had masked it as simply the sound of the ocean.
After noticing no movement in response to the splash we moved to the large building, now seeing light on the cavern wall from a window on its backside. As we moved along the wall, I checked a door, finding it unlocked but moving on to get view of the lit window. Looking in the window I could see a few kobolds sitting in a room with several kobolds holding mugs of ale and talking loud in between barking sounds. I turned back signaling for Kert to move out of my way and follow. We moved to the unlocked door and I stopped to talk in a low voice “There are four kobolds inside that I could see. I believe the one in the large hat is Yark. We can't take them silently, but they are deep in ale and we can take them by surprise.” Kert Nodded and we entered the unlocked door, the hall before us had no guard and was lit only by one small oil lamp. The oil lamp had a glass bottle full of oil with a wick atop it, so I quickly pulled it off the wall to throw at the kobolds, if not burning them at least causing more confusion and panic.
I stood next to the door, counting down my fingers to let Kert be ready when I kicked the door in. I held the lamp in my left hand, crossbow in my right as I kicked the door clear off its hinges knocking a kobold to the ground, under badly mounted although heavy oak door. Jumping hard atop the door with a loud crunch, throwing the lamp instantly, freeing my left hand to steady my bow to shoot the bolt readied in it. I saw Kert's bolt enter and exit the head of the kobold I had aim on, quickly moving my target to Yark I let it fly, missing him the bolt flew in the small area between his arm and chest as he turned over a table, all of the kobolds barking loudly shocked by the surprise of the explosion of the lamp bottle lighting two of them on fire.
Yark yell in much cleaner common than I had herd from kobolds before“ You nah takin me's down no fur. YARK YARK! Dis kobold port!”
He then stood up above the table firing a massive double crossbow far too large for him to wield properly. The jolt of the trigger mechanism's release jerking the kobold so hard his hat flew off. It seemed he had aimed at me, although the unsteady shot landed one bolt into the wall and one into the chest of Kert who was pinned to the wall by the large projectile. I had no time to ready a shot now fighting alone in a small room with three kobolds. I suicide dived pulling my sword while in the air before crashing hard in to Yark chest, both of us landing hard on the floor behind the table. Yark quickly pulled out a dagger, his move countered as I jabbed my short sword down into his forearm nearly severing it and leaving Yark pinned to the ground. I quickly freed my sword from my right hand, then punching down hard with into to Yark's throat. Silencing the rabid barking that had not stopped from the time we entered the room other than when he had talked, replacing it with gagging and choking.
I pulled my sword out of his arm with my right, taking his dagger in my left. As I jumped over the table one kobold ran while on fire out the door, the other ran towards me. I tossed the dagger at him, although I have little skill at this and using my left hand the heavy handle smashed into his face dazing him long enough for my sword to reach his neck. I turned back to finish off Yark only to see his back as he leaped from the window. I quickly followed and met bolt fire from many crossbows aboard his ship as he ran towards it, I had to duck back to the wall of the building. Now starting to burn from the lap oil. As I moved fast along the wall opposite the ship, a cannon ball ripped through the building cashing into the cave wall. Shards of stone shot out in all directions hitting me hard but doing little damage through my leather armor. I cursed aloud knowing I would surely have to flee now.
As I darted to the exit no more shoots fired at me. I looked back and saw many kobolds scurry about the ship pulling anchor and dropping sail, the bastard kobold was casting off. I had so nearly killed Yark now he would easily escape as his ship was surely much faster than ours. I ran fast across the flat top of the high sea cliffs until I reached the path down to the bay. While I was rowing the small boat back to the ship, I saw Yark's ship pass the mouth of the bay heading east at full sail.
When I was aboard we began to give chase but Yark's ship began to fire in our direction, having only two cannons and no balls or gun powder we had to turn away.
I apologized to Jarn for the death of his friends, as he know them much better than Malcom and I. Jarn said “They would not blame their fate on you Irwin, as I would not had I died. They died with honor seeking revenge on Yark. May their deed catch Tishol's eye.”
Jarn, Malcom and I then spoke of what to do now. Short on crewmen, none of us left alive experienced sailors we decided to Sail for New Old Port, we had started this journey as if it were a vacation and our failures echoed from the unorganized start. We should have turned back before Rhaz-Tosh although we did gain knowledge of Yark Harhark's hideout. We needed crew men with experience at sea, real pirates. The fact that we forgot cannon balls and power even once sobered showed that we needed to expand our maritime prowess quickly. I had nearly killed Yark, had he not got off a lucky shot off hitting Kert I would have cut his throat with his own dagger. “The next time we battle Yark, we will be ready and he will surely die.” I said to the remaining crew as we sailed back to New Old Port to regroup.
We arrived back in New Old Port a week later, all agreeing to never mention forgetting cannon balls on our first attempt. Restocking on supplies, having the boat reinforced heavily for battle and seeking a worthy captain for our travels. Jarn met a dwarf who had a wooden leg, his other leg crippled as well in a mining accident. He had only been to sea for travel but was an expert in explosives and he had a peg leg. We hired him on as a cannonier. He offered to work for ale and food but we agreed to pay him as well, a dwarf slave would be illegal and we wanted no part of dealing with Lithinites. A few days latter we found captain Koril Fantan, who had been the captain of our ship only a week before we owned it. It was lost by its owner in a game of 3 card before being bought by me, on that drunken night. He was happy to hear of our repairs and upgrades saying we were lucky to have sailed it to Rhaz-Tosh and back without sinking.
We now had our crew: captain and head navigator, Koril Fantan. Our main gunner and apprentice navigator, the peg legged dwarf name Dertin Khaab. Jarn Benton first mate and head of security, Malcom Pascal chief offensive tactician and I chief diplomatic officer. Now that we all had come up with titles sure to impress tavern maidens all across the Midlands and a battle worthy ship he where ready to set sail.
Our ship now looked ready to do battle with pirates, the wood now stained dark gray with a magically protective coating and flying black and gray striped sails made of strong elven hemp. Most of the originally wood replaced, the ship would be strong and fast, hard to see at night with its dark color. 12 small but powerful cannons lined the outside of the ship. 4 on each side 2 on the fount and back, all able to be unbolted and moved easily. Our ship was completed, Husheal was ready to take revenge.

Chapter 2: The Wise Eye of Madness

We set out from New Old Port the next night. After our day at sea we fished into night catching a few very strange fish although many we hooked were never seen, some to powerful to pull in others bit the hook off our rope, as we ran are lines deep with large bait.
That night I had a strange dream perhaps Tishol, who Dof surely would have prayed to for aid in revenge, whispering his madness in to my mind. I dreamed of seeing our black sails on the sunrise from far behind, our ship sailing fast in a great storm towards the open mouth of the sea caves. Many cannons bolted on the bow we rode a massive wave into their cave, firing at their ship and at the building where Yark had been. Our ship bow crashed in to their dock and our cannons laid waste to the hideout, kobolds running for the exit, I then saw the Yark lay dead impaled by large splintered timbers from the building. I awoke and lay in bed thinking of the dream and how mad an idea that would be. Sail in cannons blazing to an unknown resistance.
When I got out of bed every one was top side and I told then of my dream. Dertin burst out “Lets do it” although no one else seemed so willing to such a chaotic action.
Being at sea gives you much time to talk, Malcom and I talked of future adventurers deciding to sail around to the western coast and dock in Moon Bay. Perhaps traveling to Serpera next as going back to south Tal seemed unwise after seeing the horrors of the beast called “Eyes and Teeth”, many truly foul creatures lurk north and south Tal after being cursed in the long war and they make the wild beasts of Serpera look tame when compared.
Again the next two nights I had the same dream of sailing in to that sea cave cannons blazing and Yark body crushed and impaled by the buildings timbers. The first night I had it again I did not mention it to the crew, but upon having it yet again I felt I must speak, I first told Malcom alone. He said “It may be Tishol speaking to you. You have surely heard tale of Dof's encounter with him” He paused thinking for a few Moments before speaking again “Although I have heard it unwise to work with demons. Dof is the only one I know of who has, and seem to be the better for it. If the others will agree, I'm in.” We then had a crew meeting where after some debate it was agreed.
As we approached the south coast near the hideout a storm began to grow and we sailed out to see a ways to escape being pushed into the cliffs. The swells raised high and waves crashed over the bow sending water rushing across the deck. Jarn, Malcom and I stood on the bow greeting the waves with taunts and yelling praise to Tishol and Sazha. Dertin was latter tied by rope to allow him to join us, twice going overboard and having to be pulled back in.
As dawn broke we could see the sea cave ahead to the west, half an hour after dawn we traveled fast on a straight path towards the mouth of the caves as we entered the cave I saw no movement ahead, the kobolds still slept. A large wave pushed us in to the cave fast, our mast dragging along the cave roof shaking our ship. We aimed our cannons at main building and the kobolds ship. Our first round of fire rocked our targets, the grater half of the building collapsed and the ships hull had great holes, if it did not sink now it would surely not be sea worth for an escape. We reloaded four of the eight cannons we had front side, firing again at the building shattering the remaining beams holding it up causing it to crash inward. I saw kobolds sneaking along the back wall towards the exit. Our ship was now being pushed by the waves in to their ship. We all held tight as we braced for impact, the mighty bow of our ship crushed in the side of their ship as we threw out great hooks to hold our vessel docked. I was in awe of how well the plan from my dream of madness had been. Perhaps feeling the madness of Tishol I leaped to the dock. Crossbow across to my back a large scimitar main head I ran towards the ruined building, a kobold bursting out from behind cover met my scimitars swing at full speed leaving his skull split wide open across his face. Moving quickly I though only of the death of Yark. Malcom Pascal was now next to me, he had a long sword on his back and a small torch used to light cannons in his mouth while holding one of the ships cannons in both hands.
“Yoos all shoot now!” Barked out a kobold from behind the cover of the ruined building. Malcom and I jumped for cover. Many bolts flew, as I looked to Malcom he was lighting the cannon and I watched the wick as he held the cannon aimed over a crate. Jard had now reached us shouting “Stay down!” as he ducked next to Malcom. Moments later the fire of several cannons from the ship mangled the ruined building just as Malcom's cannon fired also smashing in to the mangled wreckage that now looked more like a pile of scraps than a collapsed building. After Malcom's cannon had fired he pulled his sword and the three of us charged towards any survivors. There where none, the dirty light purple cloth of Yark's shirt clung to a mangled torso, we deemed this to be him, but continued our search finding his head quite far away. Before leaving we looted the area and ship, finding a large hoard of gold and magical weapons. We burned their ship and the ruins of the building, hoping Biph and his kin would see the smoke and take the caves before worse characters find it empty.
We had killed Yark Harhark and many of his band of very ambitious pirates, this would make travel of the south sea much safer for all. It's strange how the chaos drink and herbs of the mind through such a winding path may lead to great things. Never before had I though of a live at sea, but now I cannon believe I hadn't. I now had the freedom to travel to what ever land I wanted for a long as I wanted before returning. We set sail for Moon Bay less than 50 miles across the sea from the the lands of Serpera. Where few will travel for fear of the unfriendly tribes who have vowed to shun the men of the Midlands, who they say are of bloodlines tainted by demons. I used to doubt this claim but I am older now and wiser seeing many reasons it may be true. But the people of Serpera worship strange gods such as Sazha, who the followers of Lithine would call demon.
Perhaps Sazha will aid our travel there.

Chapter 3: The Tide of Fhate

We sailed west along the south coast of the Ezun, sky was clear but swells high. Latter in the night a storm blew in unnaturally fast, huge swells rocked the ship and much of the loose cargo from the kobolds plunders crashed about in the hold. Waves broke over the over the bow onto the deck hard sending white water crashing about violently atop it. There was no place to dock for miles in any direction on the icy and uninhabited south coast of Ezun, we had no choice but to ride out this massive storm.
After hours and hours of violent rocking a massive rouge wave smashed over the ship knocking me overboard and pushing me down deep under dark waters. I swarm upward with all of my might, but could not get my head above water. Looking down I saw a glowing thing far below me in the water. It seemed to be raising up towards me, or perhaps I was sinking down to it...
I had been under water far too long now, I was finding it hard to resist trying to inhale. My vision began to fade out, the thing coming better into my view now. It seemed to be a glowing transparent light green human female with a long green dress flowing behind her feet as she swam. Just as I passed out, the face came into to hauntingly clear view. It seemed to be a beautiful women, other than her large empty black eyes and mouth lined by row a of shark-like teeth. The last thing I saw was her nearly reaching me.
I awoke laying amid a field of stinking bay mud reaching the horizon as far I was could see in a thick green tinted fog perhaps only 30 feet out at most. I must have passed out and floated here, being left behind as the tide left. I could see a few small dead trees, covered in hanging witch moss that looked as if they had long been bone try, in strange contrast to the large humid area of wet mud and think fog seeming to be some kind of tidal inlet. Small jumping insects swarmed a dead fish a few feet from where I had laid when I woke. The mud clung to my armor thick and heavy as I began to scrape it off with my dagger.
Soon I saw some hulking form moving off in the fog in my direction. Unsure what to do I decided to move away from it, It seemed to be vary large at least 6 feet wide 3 feet tall. I then saw something else to my right, about the same size. Now moving quickly away from both I saw another one before me. I stood still waiting for a moment listening for some clue to what the moving things in the fog may be. I could hear nothing at all, they seemed to make no sound as they slowly moved towards me. I also noticed there was no wind at all, also very unusual for what seemed to be a shallow tidal inlet. I waited as the creatures approached me to let them get in better view. They seemed to know where I was already without using sight and I seemed to be much faster than them. As the creature approached me I could make them out to be giant crabs. Now six of them in view all moving directly towards me,  I could now make out the features of the nearest one. Its shell was 5 feet wide or so, blue in the center lightening and fading into light green at it's edges, it's two massive claws 3 feet wide when fully opened bright blue with blotches of many shades of green. As it was now six or so feet from me and others closing in I decided to run, I dodged between then as I moved away noticing more off in the distance. I ran well over a mile seeing nothing but mud, small mossy trees and crabs, lots of crabs, including various sizes of much smaller carbs that also seemed to be moving toward me.
Although the crabs were fairly slow, a massive hoard of them now followed me making it a serious problem. I moved fast but conserving energy, I was only aimed with a long thin dagger although finely made and blessed by some god I forgot the name of long ago, it would give little advantage against the hard shelled, claw wielding monsters. In the distance I saw a much larger tree and ran to it thinking I may have to climb it and wait out the crabs. As I approached the tree, its trunk violently turned around revealing a gnarly face, eyes and mouth made from holes in the trunk, glowing light green with eldritch magic. Its branches reached for me as I quickly jerked back falling into the thick stinking mud. A large piece of branch shot forth, its sharply broken end sticking deep into the mud with force. I rolled away jumping to my feet but slipping in the mud. Another branch shot out impaling my cloak pinning me in place. As I struggled to free my cloak, its massive arm like branch swung down knocking me hard off my feet, face first into the thick mud. It then grabbed me throwing me high flipping in the air above it. I landed hard in the mud with a crunch, my shoulder dislocated. The massive arm branch then hit me hard again sending me sliding across the mud. I jumped to my feet able to get out of its range just as it swung at me again, many of the crabs also now getting dangerously close to me as well. I popped my shoulder back in socket as I ran gaining distance from the evil Tree Ent and the congregation of crabs.
I began to hear the gentle lapping of small waves off in the distance. As I ran I saw some large object far away and turned not caring to see any new features of this horrible landscape. I was not sure what direction I was going in relation to the direction I had been going before the tree attack, I could no longer hear the small waves but there seem to me many more crabs as I traveled this way. I stopped resting for just a moment, looking up to the sky for any sign of the sun I could use to mark my direction. but there was none. I let one of the crabs get fairly close to me, taunting it a bit to see it's reaction. It simply moved towards me slowly, claws forward with little reaction to my jerking motions. It would be very hard to land a meaningful blow to it while avoiding its powerful looking claws. I then surveyed the horizon seeing a large gap in crabs and moved that way.
I soon began to hear the sound of waves again, but there seemed to be a large mass of crabs in the same direction so I turn parallel to it. Running fast until perhaps the same large evil tree lay ahead in the distance, only seeing a few crabs in the distance towards the sounds of water I ran that way until I reached the sickly waters. The water had plumes of bright green oil running through it, seeming to ooze out of the mud and had a horrible smell of death. Moments after I stopped before the water, several large tentacles shot out of the seemingly shallow waters, reaching towards me. I jumped back but was too slow, one of them wrapping its tip around my calf. I drew my dagger as the strong tentacle quickly pulled me off my feet, dragging me through the mud in to the stinking water. I hacked at the tentacle, taking several hacks to cut my self free. I crawled away from the water, trying to get to my feet but slipping several times. Again a tentacle wrapped my leg pulling me back into the shallow water. By the time I freed my self again I was setting in a little over a foot of rancid green water. Again unable to get on my feet in the slimy wet mud. I desperately clawed my way out of the water, getting to my feet for a moment before a tentacle wrapped around my waist dragging me in to 3 feet of water before I could cut my self free while underwater. In a total state of panic now I madly thrashed in the water towards shore, shortly after reaching shore two tentacles shot out both wrapping around my legs pulling me fast  under that horrible stinking water. I hacked at the tentacles as I was pulled underwater, deeper and deeper. I sawed though one, being underwater slowing me greatly, as I felt yet another now wrapping around chest. I knew I was being pulled towards its mouth, and I had to act fast sawing rapidly into the thick tentacle around my chest. After I sawed through it, I began working at the the tentacle around my leg when I felt its break pinch my leather armor painfully tight across my rips. Quickly I stabbed my sword hard in to the flesh near its beak and I felt it pull me away quickly and release the tentacle around my leg. I was in neck high water, the small waves growing larger now I moved to shore hoping that the tentacled monster would not attack again, the shore seemed much father away the water slowly got shallower but seemed to raise quick with each passing swell. I passed the giant evil tree again, now only 10 feet from the shore line, it must have well over 100 just not long ago. As I moved away from the water the crab population grew quickly and I noticed a slight wind blew inland from the water, the thick fog thinning a little giving perhaps 45 foot visibility. The farther from the water I got the more small trees seemed to “grow” although they were long dead. Soon a powerful wave of water washed passed me also pushing many crabs my way. It knocked me off my feet a massive crabs claw nearly gripping my left arm as I got to my feet In the rapidly rushing tide.
The wind growing now, fog almost gone I heard a shrill female voice speak “No one escapes Fhate's Tide, I have not long but I will have your soul!.” The voice began to cackle as I saw the massive squid thing being pushed towards me by the shallow but powerful rushing tidal wave. It was one of the strangest monsters I had ever seen. It seemed to be a giant squid with many uneven long tentacles with a long break between them but where its body and fins should be was what looked like a large egg shaped brain. Something no one would ever want to stand before wielding only a dagger, as I did now.
As the Eggbrain rushed passed me pushed by the wave, I tried to dodge its tentacles but failed being dragged along, my head under the rushing foul waters. I sawed at the tentacle cutting most of the way though before having to quickly deal with one wrapped around my neck. Moments latter I had fished the other tentacle drifting free of the squid. I then saw the same ghostly green female figure I saw under the sea. She appeared before me and her terrible maw spoke “Damn you human. You may escape now but I know the sweet taste of your soul. And mark my words down in blood I will have it soon.” Her shark-like teeth the only part of her body not glowing green and transparent, they stood out horrifyingly bright white sticking out of pink gums and shining in the now growing light as the final fog melted away revealing the roof of the lower area of the ship.
I set up laying on one of the pillow beds in the hull of Husheal. Vary confused I walked up the stairs to the main deck, every stared at me as Malcom said “Finally you wake! No one could wake worried the kobolds had some how poisoned you.” I asked him of the storm and he said I must of dreamed it as the weather had been fair before I slept. I was still vary sore felling as if I had battled, but blamed it on the lumpy unbroken in bed. As I turned and walked away to eat breakfast Malcom said “What the hell happened to your armor?” I then realized my light leather armor was ripped across the back from the Eggbrain monster's bite in my “dream”, that I realized something vary strange had indeed gone on.


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