An Ill Fhated Voyage

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An Ill Fhated Voyage

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Spoiler this story and Yark Harhark(1-3):
I'm not going to lie, I banged this one out fast - it's short, it needs work. I wrote it after Tides of Fhate chapter of Yark Harhark, to farther the "Fhate" character, showing how she torments the crews of ships when not defeated. Also it features Yark Harhark randomly attacking ships (perhaps working for Fhate?) as also spoke of in the Yark Harhark part of the Irwin Mason story.
Fhate is one of my favorite demons i'v come up with and we will be seeing her again. Maybe good ol' yark harhark might make a return.

An Ill Fhated Voyage -
A Journal by Peyton Driscolli

3rd of the first 131aw

After working for over a year and a half as a guard for trade caravans going over the mountains from Moon Bay to New Old Port and Ebril and battling many Orcs, Goblins and even once a mighty Ettin, I have decided to find safer work.
Two weeks ago I sighed on with Capt. Nolan Radcliffe to work aboard the trade ship “Foresea” and today I am set to sail out. From New Old Port we will sail around the south coast of Ezun to Moon Bay, then on to Nolan's trade route to Serpera.
Although I have heard tales of the dangers of Serpera, Nolan said he had contacts there and we would be safer than traveling the mountains of Ezun and it would be much warmer along our travel than Ezun this time of year.
I have also been collecting books on the basics of wizardry. Too many times have I nearly met my end in sword fights being save by a comrade. I fear the blade is not for me, and although deadly, I seek more power, than that of archery. I hope to use my off time on the ship for my wizardly endeavors.

6rd of the first 131aw

Time at sea is rather uneventful and I have had little to write, although I have had much time to read my books on wizardry. I nearly caused serious damage the sails when I failed to tie a knot properly and was scolded by the first mate. It's the only mistake I have made so far and I feel with some time my duties on the ship will become easy. The Foresea is an amazingly fast ship we reached the south coast of Ezun late today, continuing out into the deep south sea to avoid the coastal pirates that hang around the port of Rhaz-Tosh, before turning hard west.
The seas are rough and the ship heaves up and down violently as a right this. I over heard Capt. Radcliffe talking to his first made and head navigator, I listened unknown as they spoke of turning closer to shore to avoid the massive mid sea swells of the storm.

7th of the first 131aw

Last night after taking an herbal potion to allow me to get restful sleep in the high seas, we did in fact move towards shore. When I woke this morning the sea was fairly calm and sky clear. Today was the first day with decent conditions for training and we threw floating targets on ropes far out in the water to shoot bows at. Archery over long distance at sea is very hard but after a day of experience I was landing more arrows true than most of the crew. The captain won a bet of 200 coins on my shot and drunkenly bragged of my skill. Many of the other crewmen looked displeased at the “new guy” being praised so highly, as Captain Radcliffe gloated for me while I landed several well made shoots. I later tried to make small talk with others over dinner, but they seemed to be uninterested in talking with me and I feel I may be marked as an outsider. The other men have all been at sea much longer than I, and although I am fairly good with bows, I have been having a hard time with other duties.
Just before dusk we could make out a small dot on the horizon, black sails on the sunset.

9th of the first 131aw

At dawn this morning we could see the growing black dot following far behind us   getting larger as the day went on, slowly gaining on us. We where almost half way across the south coast of Ezun. No ports of cities for many miles, we moved closer the shore hoping to find calmer seas, possibly giving us an advantage over the ship farther out in the high swells of open water. Shortly after my shift while I rested in my quarters, I managed to cast my first spell, I was able to cause a small chunk of ice to form and fly 4 feet crashing into the wall with a sold thunk, although not that impressive its a start. As the sun set the large ship was still gaining on us fast, the next day at this rate they would be on us. I could not sleep this night but watched the small light of the ship slowly grow over the night.

10th of the first 131aw

I fell asleep for perhaps and hour and a half last night, just before dawn, When I awoke the ship was staggeringly near, two miles away at most, moving closer to shore and us. Shortly after I woke, all men where called to battle stations, I took a long bow and stood facing the incoming ship. At nearly 200 yards it fired on it several times, braking our mast and damaging our hull, then simply turned and sailed away quickly. We began dumping unnecessary cargo and supplies overboard, as we worked to patch holes in the hull. We manged to keep the ship, although heavily tilted and mast-less, floating.
We were now at the mercy of the merciless south sea, leaving us clearly in the Tides of Fhate.

12th of the first 131aw

I awoke today to madness, the crew in a panic. One of our crew mates, Lyndon Walker had been murdered. Somehow silently mangled beyond recognition in his sleep. His skull crushed horribly around the cheeks and temple, leaving his eyes out of their crushed sockets. His skull cap nearly disconnected from his mangled lower jaw, split in half leaving his tongue hanging loosely out. Never had I seen a man so thoroughly disfigured, this man clearly met an extremely violent death. Although none of the men sleeping near him heard it happen, waking only after the screams of the man who found him.
Many things where said as men frantically talked of demons and spirits and perhaps a cursed object in our cargo calling troubles upon us. Capt. Radcliffe driven nearly mad by seeing the grotesque remains of the man who he new well, ordered nearly everything cast off as the cargo bay was emptied of the shipment of magic weapons to be delivered in Moon Bay. I hid my books on magic, no one had seen me with them or knew of them, I hid them in the #########, as it is fairly high above the water now beginning to fill the ships lower sections, causing its tilt to raise.

13 of the first 131aw

Another crewman, Sheldon Howard was killed in the wee hours of the morning, mangled without scream or other sound. This time the man was found on the main deck. His chest crushed badly, through his blood soaked shirt you could see rigid lines between his broken ribs and his legs shattered and twisted a large spear of white bone stuck out below his knee, the leg lower bent at a sharp unnatural angle. Only 15 minutes prior Gavin Herrick had seen him sleeping peacefully where he now lay dead.
At dusk Gavin Herrick and three other men armed them selves and ordered all others back as they made a raft of barrels and crates to float away on. I though about asking to join them, but they seemed to be perhaps going mad and I hoped Gavin Herrick to be the killer fleeing before others found his deeds, as he was the last man to see Sheldon alive. After they left only four men remained, and I seem to be a shunned outsider to the other two sane men. The captain has gone fully mad, only offering words of faith in Lithine. Who days ago he though to be a joke and mocked her followers. I saw him once weeping laying hopelessly on the bow of the ship. I do not know the other two men, who now sit inside the captains quarters now barely above water, as I spent most of this trip keeping to my self reading the books of the basics of wizardry I had bought just before my travel and now perhaps they blamed me for his. It's now the morning of 14 first although that matters not as no one will ever read these words. Both of my remaining fellows are clearly mad now, another crewmen who's name I do not know died just moments ago, in the captain quarters right before the eyes of a man watching his body broken and twisted without apparent cause. This broke the man who witnessed it, he now sits on the deck slowly rocking while uttering rapid gibberish. Soon I will write no longer, for I have tied barrels to the door I took off of the flooded captains quarters and will soon float away into hoping to escape [the Tides of Fhate].


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